zondag 26 oktober 2008

CCC's Woodlings Yoshi and Kayu in Dutch Newspaper

Charles Stephan opens his own arts & crafts studio / ball jointed doll company

‘Pig Artist’ Charles Stephan, who is also the President of foundation t Gorke (non profit organisation pet pig lovers) and owner of art studio Atelier Babi Senang at Nieuw-Beijerland, was very successful with its creation Alice Cherry Blossom. This dainty little piglet lady, which was launched as a joint project with Elf Doll Inc., Korea, is a unique `Asian Ball Jointed Doll', a phenomenon that started in Japan and meanwhile is very popular in Asia, the US and now also in Europe. This doll radiates a refined, slightly gothic melancholia personality, which fits also well to the pig in general and its often sad destiny. After a roaring success of a sold out 1st edition, further limited editions followed soon.

Thanks to these successes Charles has now opened his own ball jointed doll company*/design studio: ' Charles Creature Cabinet'. A so-called arts & crafts studio. The CCC studio offers 100% hand-made and hand-painted arts & crafts dolls and toys to the future customers. Mainly focussing on releases of ' Asian ball jointed dolls' , designer toys and character dolls. The first two releases, called 'The Woodlings', were launched on October 14th at Full Moon. The Woodlings are a little faerie called 'Yoshi The Woodling Faerie' (resin, size Tiny, 11 cm) and her enchanted ‘wooden’ piggydoll; 'Boneka Kayu' (resin, size, Micro 5 cm). 

CCC’s Indonesian based mini-factory of the sympathetic Nieuw-Beijerlander is arranged to produce small serials of limited editions. The headstocks and other art doll items are all high-quality, hand-made products. For more information please visit the Internet site:www.charlescreaturecabinet.com

 * Charles’ Creature Cabinet is the firstNetherlands based ball jointed doll company and Yoshi The Woodling Faerie & Boneka Kayu are the very first ‘Dutch’ ball jointed dolls.

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